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Specialist Psychological Therapy

Our therapeutic staff are second to none. They are carefully selected to be gentle and kind in their manner while being able to appropriately ensure a safe therapeutic environment where the most cutting edge, effective treatment takes place. Our team has decades of personal and professional experience, the appropriate qualifications and are under strict and constant clinical supervision and continuous professional development.

We understand that what you are after is primarily to get the best possible chance to succeed and we ensured that the treatment at the Beach is our absolute priority.

Our general approach is to initially focus on relaxing the body-mind to make it easier for insights to arise and then gently increase the intensity of psychological treatment in a way that is bespoke to you, your treatment goals and your individual circumstances.

We don’t believe in lecturing or scaremongering. We have a gentle and kind approach, steadily guiding and encouraging healing and recovery.

We offer a powerful blend of Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural, Dialectic Behavioural, Solution Focused and 12 step based therapies together with daily addiction treatment specific mindfulness meditation, focusing on boosting the ability to engage and disengage attention; enhanced by regular traditional Thai yoga messages.

We enhance talking therapies by utilising Birmingham Treatment Effectiveness Initiative mapping together with 12 step mapping from the Texas’s Institute of Behavioural Research Unit.

We believe in both group and 1-1 sessions for which we can adjust frequency and ratio to match your circumstances.

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