The Beach Rehab Thailand

A Different Approach To Treatment

We are an exclusive addiction treatment center located on a beautiful remote beach with a wholesome caring environment that you will quickly feel part of. We ensure that we intake a maximum of 10 people to guarantee a brilliant therapist/client ratio and we are motivated by values not profit. Our aim is simple: We will do everything we can for you to thrive.

Our system is a powerful blend of tranquility, cutting edge addiction treatment approaches and outdoor activities combined with a carefully designed nutrition and hydration schedule. We are different in that we are not dogmatic or over-reliant on one method over others but we simply focus on what is the most effective way to get to the root of the problem and help you discover better ways to cope with your feelings.

We believe that everyone achieves recovery at their own pace and we treat people with compassion, gentleness and respect for their individuality.

Our experienced counselors know what they are doing and are qualified members in professional regulatory bodies. We have gone into great lengths to ensure that all support and treatment staff are people with a peaceful manner about them and are fully signed on our philosophy. A safe place where confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Unique Location

Outdoor Activities

Carefully Designed Diet

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