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At The Beach Rehab we treat all kinds of addiction including alcohol, drug, and process addiction, as well as addressing any underlying or co-occurring mental health issues.

In many cases drug, alcohol, and process addictions may occur simultaneously. All fall under the umbrella of addiction, and all are treatable.

Alcohol Addiction

Addiction to alcohol, or alcoholism, is incredibly common. According to the Center for Disease Control, in 2018, more than 15 million people struggled with Alcohol Use Disorder in the United States, but less than eight percent of those people received treatment. This issue of course isn’t confined to the United States. Alcohol addiction wreaks havoc on individuals and families worldwide.

If you have found your way to our website, you have taken the first great step towards recovery, and we are committed to helping our clients to not be part of these negative statistics, but to join those who have successfully achieved long-term recovery as a result of expert clinical guidance and a comprehensive treatment and aftercare plan.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction that we commonly treat at The Beach include but are not limited to: cocaine, heroin, crystal methamphetamine (also known as meth or ice), amphetamine, benzodiazepines, marijuana, ecstasy (MDMA), GHB and ketamine addiction.

Our professional team at The Beach Rehab have extensive experience in dealing with all types of addiction.

Process Addiction

Process addictions are somewhat lesser known than drug or alcohol addiction, but equally as devastating for those involved. Process addiction includes gambling addiction, gaming addiction, cyber addiction, and sex addiction. From a psychological perspective, process addiction is a lot like substance addiction.

The behavior that the person engages in- be it gambling, gaming, or sex-triggers the brain’s reward system and delivers a release of neurochemical dopamine. When the process gets repeated, more and more dopamine is supplied to the brain, tolerance increases, and the person is encouraged to continue the behavior with greater intensity and without regard to consequences.

Dual Diagnosis: No Stone Unturned

Dual diagnosis is when a person is diagnosed with an addictive disorder as well as a mental health disorder such as anxiety, depression, or PSTD.

Dual diagnosis is incredibly common among those suffering from addiction, and the co-occurring or underlying mental health disorder often works to fuel one’s addiction. A co-occurring disorder can be a huge barrier to recovery if it is not treated in tandem with addiction.

At The Beach Rehab, we have a small, yet diverse team who are duly qualified in the fields of addiction and mental health to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that will leave no stone unturned.

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