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Who We Are

Qualified, registered and caring clinical team

All our therapeutic staff have experienced and successfully fully recovered from addiction themselves; and are qualified and registered with relevant professional bodies in the UK. They really understand addiction, have decades of experience treating it and are kind, caring and nonjudgmental. Our team is also complimented by a specialist addictions local nurse and medical doctor who ensure that any medical needs are dealt with straight away under the leadership of our Treatment Director who is registered with the Institute of Health Care Management.

Tom Maniatis

BSc (psych) PgC FDAP IHM, Director of Treatment

Tom has a 15+ years record in professionally supporting people with addiction issues in a variety of roles with significant practitioner, manager and treatment quality assurance and clinical governance experience and expertise.

Tom prolifically delivered CBT, MI, SFT inspired addiction treatment interventions, both in groups and in 1-1 and for a variety of clinical populations (residential and community/outpatient; dual diagnosis and poly-drug complex cases). He has assisted 1000’s of clients towards recovery.

He is particularly skilled in motivational interviewing and group based techniques and has been responsible for training other specialists in the field, including UK General Practice Medical Doctors, in how to deploy treatment methods such as MI to motivate people suffering with addiction to take positive action.

He has multiple years of experience in senior positions in the field as well as being responsible, at the national level, in the UK, for assessing specific psychosocial and prescribing treatment programme integrity both in the practitioner and in the service level. Aside from his interest in MI, he is also well versed in DBT and ACT therapy and with excellent experience in 12 step approaches.

Tom believes that the best treatment environment is one where creativity and a sense of relaxation yet focus is cultivated for staff and clients; he is a strong believer in that addiction is a coping method to emotional pain but that it can also be a learned pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving that can be unlearned.

Together with the rest of his team, he has curated an eclectic mixture of the most powerful, science backed treatment methods. He is strictly not dogmatic in addiction treatment and brings a culture of innovation and open-mindness in treatment. Tom and his team has input to everything in our place, from the way the furniture is set, the food, ambience and the way staff interact. This is in order that there is a synergy effect, with the aim to increase treatment potency.

Darren Pomfret

Dip(addiction) FDAP, Senior Therapist

Darren has had extensive experience in the field both as somebody who recovered from addiction but also by his extensive work in residential rehabs in the UK.

He is not dogmatic and believes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in treatment. He happily uses any evidence based treatment method that is right for his clients at the time of treatment.

He is an inspiration to many in the recovery community in the UK due to his full recovery and he is motivated by the strong belief that anyone can succeed in conquering addiction.

Paul Meltzer

Founder and support/operations director

Paul has a background in hotel management and has been a qualified mediator with social work experience, helping underprivileged children.

He ensures that the rehab facilities are of an excellent standard and via his extensive contacts in the area he makes sure that our residents immerse themselves in the local culture and enjoy the best the place has to offer. Paul has experienced addiction and successful recovery.

Pieter Visser

Marketing Director and partner

Pieter is a successful entrepreneur in Thailand and brings a wealth of experience and expertise in business management, design and marketing.

Trained Support Staff

Our support staff are a mixture of Thai and international origin and they maintain the utmost discretion whilst making your stay extremely comfortable. They work closely with our clinical team to ensure that everything they do is supporting your healing and recovery.

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